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Album Cover - Click for larger imageWe Are Error

Our debut full-length.  Actual CD with 2-page booklet, with artwork by amazing pixel artist Jude Buffum.

Buy it now…clicking below will take you to our Bandcamp page, where you can purchase the CD in physical or downloadable form, listen to the tracks, and read album reviews. Purchasing the physical CD will also allow you to download the album while you wait!

Price: $10 plus shipping (download-only purchases have no shipping charge.

Individual songs can be purchased for $1.

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Legend of Year 200X Japanese shirt

Legend of Year 200X Japanese T-shirt

Designed by Leo Camacho, this shirt says in Japanese “Awesome video game metal” and “The legend of Year 200X continues.” Available in black with red and white print. This shirt ships directly from us. Click the image on the left for a larger version.

Price: $15 plus shipping.

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Proto Man Logo T-Shirt - Click for color ideas

Proto Man Logo T-shirt

Designed by Leo Camacho, available in multiple ink and shirt colors. Click the image at the left for some of the more popular combinations. Price: $17 includes shipping to US.

Note:  This shirt is sold through Michigan Shirt Works.  Clicking the button below will take you to their site for purchase.  You can select your shirt color, ink color, and size at their site.

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Helmet Shirt/CD combo

Legend of Year 200X Shirt / We Are Error Combo

Includes Legend of Year 200X shirt in the size of your choice and We Are Error CD. Also includes two stickers.

Price: $20 plus shipping

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